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Convent Rooms - Sala Refettorio

The conference rooms in the Convent can be used for press conferences, other meetings, standing aperitifs and dinners for small groups. The Sala Capitolare can provide support for the Sala Refettorio for storing material and preparing refreshments when events finish. During summer, it is also possible to use part of the cloister portico (LAC side) for the same purpose.

Sala Refettorio

92 m2 – Max capacity: 50 

The Sala Refettorio has seating for up to 50 people for each conference and is equipped with video projectors (subject to request). Thanks to the room’s particular architecture with vaulted ceilings and relatively small scale, it does not require particular amplification for speakers and is suitable for organising press conferences, presentations, meetings, standing dinners and seated dinners for small groups.


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